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  1. BugraTK

    BugraTK Oyuncu

    12 Eylül 2017
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    Hello MineGamer Community do you want to join, MineGamer Community players, Staff Team? As you may know, moderator applications have been closed for the past several months. We're pleased to announce that moderator applications now open!

    We are looking for, serious moderator and, over (15) olders, and experienced people, ««« left side criteria are more likely to be waitinglisted, and never give someone else a copy! and if the format is correct or not. If you do not fill out all the questions, or leave some blank, then you will be automatically declined, If you use too many shortforms or slang, you most likely will be denied,

    And do not forget to sign the signature when the Moderator Application is over, otherwise you will be rejected directly!

    And Never Write Short Answers!

    It's Imperative to have microphone!

    If all of them comply, you will be more successful with a high probability!

    How does it look in-game?

    Name colors red chat colors mostly blue

    Example: BugraTK: Example.

    What does TeamSpeak special groups mean?

    Example: BugraTK [Mod] [Needs Training] BugraTK [Mod] [Poke If Needed]

    [Poke If Needed] What does it mean?

    If necessary, Poke comes to mean, so if you have a problem, you can poke.

    [Needs Training] What does it mean?

    Special group for those have this new moderator.

    To register a forum to make a moderator application and to accept your incoming email message!

    And Never Lie About Your Age!

    I hope I could help!

    If you do, your chance of becoming a Moderator Increases even More!

    Have a nice day MineGamer Community!
    #1 BugraTK, 16 Aralık 2017
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  2. iUseOnlyFns

    iUseOnlyFns Oyuncu

    13 Eylül 2017
    Alınan Beğeniler:
    Nice Thread :blush:
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  3. AlpKutluhan

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    18 Ekim 2017
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    Nice Thread!
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  4. 2004 Jocksy

    2004 Jocksy Oyuncu

    29 Ekim 2017
    Alınan Beğeniler:
    Nice thread boi! It's very helpful.
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  5. Hypernus

    Hypernus Oyuncu

    23 Eylül 2017
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    Nice Thread!
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