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Rehber Admin Q&A
Hey there everyone!

I'd like to discuss an awesome event we are preparing for you all!
We have decided to have an Admin Q&A! This event will be a way for all of the community to ask questions and get to know our administrative team a bit better.

When will this happen?
The event will occur between 4-5 PM PST on Sunday. We will try to shoot for an appropriate time for everyone, but we may have to adjust to make sure all our Administrative team can attend!

Where will...
Forums new smile's added, from here you can learn how.

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Hello MineGamer Community do you want to join, MineGamer Community players, Staff Team? As you may know, moderator applications have been closed for the past several months. We're pleased to announce that moderator applications now open!

We are looking for, serious moderator and, over (15) olders, and experienced people, ««« left side criteria are more likely to be waitinglisted, and never give someone else a copy! and if the format is correct or not. If you do not fill out all the...

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